Save The Date!


We have two guest speakers coming, please come and make them feel welcome and glad they came.

We are still working on our agenda for the meeting but here are some bullet points:

  • Meet Neighbors
  • Pay Your Annual Dues
  • Discuss Neighborhood Wishes and Concerns
  • Discuss Crime and a Neighborhood Watch Program
  • Meet Foundation Communities and Hear Their Plans for Their Development
  • Meet the New Principal at Covington Middle School and Hear Her Visions for Our Local Community School
  • Hear About Upcoming Events

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Introducing President Carla Trautwein

Dear Neighbors:

My name is Carla Heinrich-Trautwein and I have stepped up to take the role of President of the Cherry Creek on Brodie Lane Neighborhood Association. I have been on the board for many years and have served the neighborhood in many different capacities.  I welcome any input from our residents on the direction you would like the Board to take in making this the neighborhood you want to live in.  The Board has been giving me excellent support and guidance.  We will be posting a schedule for regular meetings so interested residents can attend and give us input.  My hopes are to continue to get people in the neighborhood involved and help make Cherry Creek on Brodie a place we all want to live.

I would like to increase our membership.  By increasing our membership we will be able to maintain the appearance of our neighborhood and keep our property values up.  Our home values are important and if we all become members and take care of our properties we can have a very desirable neighborhood.  Also by getting involved and taking on a small task of your interest we can accomplish so much more.  I want a sense of community and with that comes a sense of security.  By knowing your neighbors and watching out for others we can cut out crime.  With being an active community we can have events that are fun for our families and a chance for each of us to meet new neighbors and make new friends.

Let’s all plan to start the new year off with paying our association dues and taking care of our properties so we can all be proud of Cherry Creek on Brodie.

Thank You,

Carla Heinrich-Trautwein


Foundation Communities

On thursday Feburary 7th, the board and other property owners gathered to meet with a group from Foundation Communities.  Foundation Communities has started the process of developing a low income housing unit adjacent to the southern side of Cherry Creek (see attached Map below).  This was a great opportunity for property owners to ask questions of Foundation Communities and for Foundation Communities to hear our concerns.   At this moment Foundation communities is still in the planning and funding stage of the project.  They could break ground in the next 12-24 months.

We know not all of the neighbors were able to attend the meeting, so we wanted to inform everyone via the website.  If you have any questions please comment below and the board can try to answer those questions.

If you would like to learn more about Foundation Communities you are welcome to attend one of there open houses.  They have two upcoming open house lunch/tours at our communities.  March 5th we will be touring our new M Station Apartments which we built two years ago and are a good comparison for what we hope to build on Slaughter.  Details are here:  Everyone is welcome to attend.

Project Details

Rent: <$700


Foundations Communites

 About Foundation Communities

Foundation Communities flyer

Neighborhood Watch seminar Tuesday August 7th.

Thank you to the three Cherry Creek on Brodie Lane residents who attended the Neighborhood Watch seminar Tuesday August 7th. We need more participation with the program if we want to keep our neighborhood safe. There was a very informative program and we got to meet the officer in charge of our area. The next program will be Tuesday September 4th. This will be a very informative presentation, so put it on your calendar. Check out the educational videos shown at the seminar.

Confessions of a Burglar (Protect Yourself)

We will be setting up additional meetings for our neighborhood informing residents on preventing problems in the future.

We would also like to thank the three residents who paid their dues after reading our note posted on each home. Next time you go to the front entrance, please notice how nice the landscaping is kept, and the new lighting that welcomes you into our neighborhood. Remember – it is the dues paying residents who provide this. Everyone in the subdivision should be paying your annual $60 dues so we can continue to pay for and add new amenities for your benefit. There are 247 homes in this neighborhood, and there are still 199 of you who have not paid annual dues. Just think what we could accomplish if EVERYONE paid what equivalents to $5 a month!

National Night out for Texas is Tuesday October 2 and we would like block hosts to step up for gatherings on their block (Street). Cherry Creek on Brodie Lane Home Owners Association will furnish food and drinks so neighbors can get to know each other.

Message From the President

The Fourth of July parade was a hit with the kids in the neighborhood and many adults also participated. Neighbors supported the kids by cheering them on as they circled the subdivision. The line-up began at the front entrance park and the parade picked up additional participants along the way. The kids decorated their bikes and wagons and others marched along. It ended at the back park on Silk Oak Drive where a jumping castle arrived at 10am. Erica Taylor did face painting which was a smash hit and I tied balloons for the kiddos. There were good eats and treats, along with sausage wraps and lots of covered dishes your neighbors brought. Everyone visited until about 12:30. We even had a few folks sign up with the home owners association.
We could sure use some more members. Their dues support activities like the July Fourth Parade, National Night Out, Easter Egg Hunt for the kids, Halloween awards, Christmas light awards, and upkeep of our beautiful front entrance. We are in dire need of new lights for the front entrance and they are expensive. Keeping that entrance attractive keeps your property values up and welcomes your guests to a neighborhood that is proud of itself. Dues are only $60 a year, that’s only $5 a month! Please consider supporting your neighborhood.
There is a Neighborhood Watch program planned for August 7, Tuesday at 6:30 pm at the Police Station at 404 Ralph Albenedo. This is just north of Slaughter and west of Congress. Officer Ristow will be presenting a slide presentation and talk and answering questions on keeping your neighborhood safe and recognizing suspicious activity. We have not had one of these in a few years and would be a good opportunity to brush up on your observation skills.
The next major activity planned for the neighborhood will be National Night Out and we would like to have one house on each street host a get together. Contact any of the Board members if you would like to do this. The Cherry Creek on Brodie Lane Association will furnish refreshments and will be letting you know the exact date as it gets closer.

Thank you for allowing me to serve as your President. Sam Taylor

News from the Board

Dear Neighbors:
Once again we had a successful Neighborhood Yard and Garage Sale the first weekend in May. Our thanks to all the neighbors who participated and to those of you who helped by placing signs advertising the event. Be sure to check further along in the newsletter for photos of the occasion !

2012 is flying by and I know all the young people are looking forward to their summer break after a long school year ! This is an especially good time to remind everyone to please keep a close watch on your speed when driving through the neighborhood since the number of pedestrians and bicyclists is always higher in the summer months.

As of May 15th, we have 50 dues paying member families. Our thanks to those of you who have joined us already in 2012 and we also wish to encourage everyone else to join. Without our dues income, we would not be able to maintain the landscaping at our entrance or have any social or special events we enjoy each year. The next event will be our Fourth of July celebration, so anyone who wishes to help plan this year’s event, please send an email to or post your suggestions or offers of help on our Facebook page.

I also hope those of you who have recently received letters regarding the parking of trailers, RV’s, campers and/or boats in their driveways and on the streets in the neighborhood are giving serious thought to moving those eyesores into your garage or to a storage facility. As mentioned before, adherence to deed restrictions is one of the best ways available to us to maintain our neighborhood values and keep Cherry Creek on Brodie Lane an attractive and desirable place to live.
Sincerely, Barbara Statum, President

32 dozen eggs

Dear Neighbors

We had a great time at the Easter Egg Hunt and want to say thank you to everyone who helped. The children were all so adorable and they loved hunting for eggs and hugging our wonderful Easter Bunny, Romie, who made her 2nd appearance at this annual event. Luckily for us all, the weather cooperated and it did not rain on us ! It was cool, breezy and sunny. We had a bumper crop of little ones this year and were so happy to see all the new neighbors who attended for the first time.

Special thanks to the folks who stuffed and hid the 32 dozen eggs, including Carla Trautwein, Carmen Martin, Bonny Edwards and Erica Taylor. It was a great idea to include little toys and stickers so the children got to find more than candy! Be sure to check the newsletter website at Peel, Inc. to see the wonderful color photos commemorating the fun !

Another event we look forward to each year (which also can assist us all with our spring cleaning) is the Neighborhood Yard Sale. This is scheduled for Saturday, May 5th. Hope as many of you as possible will be able to participate. We will put out signs a few days before to help draw in some shoppers !

We want to also thank the members of the Landscaping Committee whose Work Day has made such a beautiful and instantly recognizable difference at the entrance to our subdivision. The knock-out roses are blooming in all their glory and the additions of new flowers and shrubs over the years has made a huge difference in the overall curb appeal of Cherry Creek on Brodie. For those of you who expressed interest in this committee via the forms you returned with your dues checks, we will be in contact with you this month to find out how you wish to participate and get you in the loop. The more the merrier !

Thank you again to all the neighbors who have paid their dues this year and hope to see more folks get involved with the Board and Committees. The greater number of participants, the more projects we can bring to completion. The next meeting of the Board will be on Thursday, May 3rd. As always, any suggestions or visitors are welcome. Just drop us an email or catch us when we’re out walking our dogs or changing the marquee! We will be installing some new Board Members at that time.

Sincerely, Barbara Statum

32 member families

Dear Neighbors:

Our thanks to the neighbors who attended the Annual Meeting on March 3rd. Several long time neighbors came for the first time and we were thrilled to have them. Also at the meeting, a brand new association member, Julie Gaitan, volunteered to become our new newsletter editor. This was perfect timing because Carmen Martin, who has been our editor since she moved to the neighborhood, recently volunteered to become the Secretary for the Board of Directors. Thanks to both of you ladies for stepping up to help us out.

We are now up to 32 member families ! Our thanks to those of you who have joined us already in 2012 and we also wish to encourage everyone else to join. Without our dues income, we would not be able to maintain the landscaping at our entrance or have any social or special events such as the Easter Egg Hunt coming up on April 3rd. See the notice elsewhere in the newsletter for more info on this very popular event. Anyone who wishes to volunteer to help stuff or hide eggs, please send an email to or post it on our Facebook page.

Please also look for another article in this issue of the newsletter concerning the parking of boats, trailers and RV’s in driveways and on the streets in the neighborhood. Many folks completed their “Suggestions for Issues to be addressed by CCoBL, NA” with comments about the ever increasing number of boats and trailers left in front of homes or in driveways.

Hope to see you and your children at the Easter Egg Hunt.

Barbara Statum for the Board 

2012 Membership Drive is now underway!

Our 2012 Membership Drive is now underway, so please take a moment to send in your $60 dues checks.

As you all know, our major expenses throughout the year are for maintenance and improvement of the landscape and lighting at the entrance to Cherry Creek on Brodie Lane. Currently, a group of board members is working to repair and/or replace the lights at the entrance monuments. We hope to have that project finished within the next month.

We were thrilled this past year to have several new neighbors volunteer for committees and we especially thank our Gardening Gals, who have ably taken over Yard of the Month ! They spent many hours selecting the winning yards, interviewing the homeowners and writing great articles for the newsletter. Thank you Val and Beth !

Another first in 2011 was the patriotic display of American flags at the entrance to CCOBL. This is a service provided several times a year through Bowie High School, with the installation provided by our VP, Carla Trautwein and her husband, Ken. Hope you all are enjoying this as much as we do !

We will also be holding our Annual Meeting at the end of February and will announce the date, time & location on the marquee, so please keep that event in mind. It will be especially important because we are looking for new board members and officers. Per our Association bylaws, board members are to serve two years terms. Several board members have already served over this time and we need neighbors to step up and help fill these positions. We need your fresh ideas and enthusiasm. It is crucial to keep our association in compliance with our bylaws and articles of incorporation, as well as to maintain our non-profit status with the IRS and the Secretary of State of Texas.

Generally, it is the job of the President or Vice President to provide the agenda for board meetings, to manage those meetings and maintain the Association’s records. The Secretary takes notes at the meetings and writes up the minutes for approval at the next meeting. The Secretary also checks our post office box at the Mockingbird Station, logs in dues payments and delivers the checks to the Treasurer, who makes the deposits. The Treasurer also prepares a balance sheet for the bank account and reports on same at board meetings. The board as a whole discusses any issues or complaints brought to our attention by neighbors and votes on what actions to take, including sending out notice letters to homeowners who are not in compliance with deed restrictions. If you have any questions, please email the and we will get back to you.

Other duties of the board members include organizing Association events

such as our Annual Meeting, Easter Egg Hunt, Neighborhood Garage Sale, Fourth of July Parade & Celebration, National Night Out and Christmas Lighting Contest. Board members also serve on various committees, including the Landscaping Committee, who manage the lawn service company, assisted by non-board members who enjoy gardening.

Please check the Membership Drive form further along in the newsletter for a list of the committees you might like to join.

Everyone please give this serious consideration, as the more folks who volunteer, the more we can accomplish for our neighborhood.

Have a wonderful February and we’ll see you at the end of the month at the Annual Meeting.

Barbara Statum, President