September 13th 2012 NA meeting minutes

Cherry Creek on Brodie Lane
Neighborhood Association
Meeting Minutes
September 13, 2012

Location: Carla’s House

Next Meeting October 11th (2nd Thursday)
Location to be announced at later date.

Treasurer’s Report: Ed please confirm this amount.
Paid for Landscaping…$129…., Received 3 checks for membership due’s
Otherwise no change

Convert from Printed Newsletter to Website News
Peel discontinued Newsletter as of September 2012 due to lack of advertizing.
(1) has agreed to setup a website that will allow the neighborhood to get all the latest news.
(2)He also will give a class to show each of us how to add to the website news through blogs
Carmen will put all old articles by Month and Year on a Flash drive and deliver to Ed
Each Board Member will:

  1. Log on to
  2. Pick Template of choice (probably from the non-profit list)
    1. Each template will run $35-$40 which will be paid for from association dues
    2. Contains a basic layout which Ed can use to create our website in a few hours time
    3. Colors can be changed to fit our needs so don’t worry about color
  3. Once created Website can be setup on for free

Erica Suggested that Paid Association Members be allowed free advertizing (one month per year)
Ed Said can have website auto email blogs in the newsletter using mailchimp
Board suggested we pull the latest water restrictions for the website
Domain name will be:

Arch committee
Ed wanted to know who is on this committee as he wants to add solar shingles when he reroofs his home.  Both Carla and Charlotte are planning solar panels.
Board determined there is no longer an appointed committee but there would be no objection to this type of upgrade as long as the panels/shingles do not go above the highest point of the roof.

Neighborhood night out
Time: 530pm-730pm
Location: Back Park
Sam/Ed: will setup sign set for the front entrance announcing the party
Will use Sam’s truck to bring Ed’s Grill
Ed: Beer
Erica: Wine
Carmen: Hot Dogs & Buns
Val: Chips/Ketchup/Mustard/Mayonnaise

Erica: South
Carla/Charlotte: Central
Val: Central
Discuss what can go into the greeter baskets/bags
Val will give chamber of commerce a call and see if she can get some coupons
Val also thinks she can get some reusable grocery bags from her husband’s company.