Mulching Trees in Silk Oak Park

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to all our wonderful volunteers on Saturday, 28th!  Taking time out of your busy schedules to help make a difference in our neighborhood truly means a lot to those of us who work hard to have a nice place to live.

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Front entrance maintenance

The appearance of our front entrance says a lot about our neighborhood. Over the years we have managed to keep the grass mowed, bushes trimmed, and the weeds down. Several times a year we mulch, plant flowers, and maintain the sprinkler system. We have even been able to put up some lights for the holidays. We would like to do more, such as repairing the front entrance lights, but we have been limited by the budget provided by yearly dues. Volunteers giving their time and energy and Annual dues of ONLY $60/year make improvements possible.

However being able to continue to maintain the entrance will be impossible without more homeowner participation. Participation can take on many forms. We are all busy with our daily lives and obligations, but even if you don’t have time to volunteer, please pay your annual dues. We have been getting approximately 25 % of our homeowners paying dues every year. Most are your same neighbors that volunteer their time as well. Moreover that 25% is taking care of YOUR entrance, and helping to maintain YOUR property values. We need YOU to be a member of the neighborhood association and do your part. Without you we cannot maintain our neighborhood entrance. For those of you who enjoy neighborhood events such as Easter egg hunts and 4th of July celebrations, we need your help to continue to provide these!