Cherry Creek Aerial Video

I was in the neighborhood taking video of our house we are selling and I brought our company drone with just to take some aerial shots of the neighborhood. I thought I would share just so everyone can see what it looks like from above.

Aquifer District Out of Groundwater Drought

The Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District’s General Manager has declared a No-Drought condition for the aquifers within the District, effective immediately. The declaration comes after a wet September that saturated soils, then record-setting rainfall in October that caused runoff to area creeks which swelled beyond their banks allowing substantial recharge to the aquifer. One of the area’s two groundwater drought indicators, the water level in the Lovelady Monitor Well, has been rising steadily since the storms in mid- and late-October. On Sunday, November 17, the water level in the Lovelady Well crossed above the District’s drought threshold, a rise of over 19 feet in about a month. The other drought indicator, sustained flow rate at Barton Springs, moved above its threshold after the precipitation events in mid-October and has remained there.  Both indicators need to be above their designated thresholds – and currently are – to emerge from drought.

The District declared a groundwater drought and has been enforcing mandatory water-use restrictions since November 15, 2012, just over a year ago. While the aquifer has received substantial recharge and has passed into No-Drought status, it is still below average water storage capacity.  “The water level at the Lovelady well is still 22 feet below average, but the rapid recharge caused by the recent storms has greatly improved groundwater conditions around the District,” said Robin Gary, Public Information Coordinator.  Groundwater users are encouraged to maintain conservation practices, but mandatory water use restrictions are lifted.

Brian Smith, Aquifer Science Team Leader, stated that, “These exceptional rain events in October fell over parts of the Edwards Aquifer recharge and contributing zone, but the western parts of the contributing zone received only moderate amounts of rain, so we are not likely to see flow continuing in the creeks for an extended period of time.  Without significant rain this fall and winter the aquifer could return to drought status by late winter or spring.”

The District’s General Manager, John Dupnik, offered this reminder stating that, “Despite the exceedingly wet conditions this fall, it is important that groundwater users not forget about the preceding summer months during which severe to extreme meteorological drought gripped the area, and as a consequence, caused water levels in the aquifer to plummet to close to Stage IV Exceptional Drought conditions.” Even in No-Drought status, end users are encouraged to continue to conserve.  Conserving water can prolong the time spent out of groundwater drought and protect water levels and springflow at Barton Springs.

Useful links:

•        Aquifer Data (links to real-time drought trigger measurements):

•        Aquifer Status:

•        Drought Monitor Blog:

•        Aquifer Bulletin newsletter (with full aquifer rain response article):

•        Press Release Archives:


BSEACD is a groundwater conservation district charged by the Texas Legislature to preserve, conserve, and protect the aquifers and groundwater resources within its jurisdiction, which includes parts of three Central Texas counties.  It is governed by a Board of five elected directors and staffed with hydrogeologists, groundwater regulatory compliance specialists, environmental educators, geospatial systems specialists, and administrative support personnel.

Board Meeting Tonight! Thursday October 17, 7:00-8:00, @ 3303 Silkgrass Bend

If you have any questions or concerns about what is going on in the neighborhood come to the meeting tonight!


Meeting Agenda:
1. Treasurer’s Report
2.  Landscaping Report
     A.  Fall Plantings?
     B.  Fall Clean up?
3.  Neighborhood Watch
     A.  Talk about getting it in place
4.  Welcome Committee
     A.  New homeowners report
5.  Park Update / Status of flooded picnic area
6.  Discuss pros and cons for NNO party
7.  Halloween Decorations Contest
     A.  When to vote for best decorations
8.  Holiday Decorations Contest
     A.  Front Entrance Hoilday lights / who to hire
     B.  When to vote for best decorations
9.  Budget for next year
     A.  Events to Plan
          1.  Annual Meeting
     B.  Expenses planned for coming year
          1.  Flag subscriptions
          2.  Solar Lights for marquee
10.  Old Business
11.  New Business

Introducing President Carla Trautwein

Dear Neighbors:

My name is Carla Heinrich-Trautwein and I have stepped up to take the role of President of the Cherry Creek on Brodie Lane Neighborhood Association. I have been on the board for many years and have served the neighborhood in many different capacities.  I welcome any input from our residents on the direction you would like the Board to take in making this the neighborhood you want to live in.  The Board has been giving me excellent support and guidance.  We will be posting a schedule for regular meetings so interested residents can attend and give us input.  My hopes are to continue to get people in the neighborhood involved and help make Cherry Creek on Brodie a place we all want to live.

I would like to increase our membership.  By increasing our membership we will be able to maintain the appearance of our neighborhood and keep our property values up.  Our home values are important and if we all become members and take care of our properties we can have a very desirable neighborhood.  Also by getting involved and taking on a small task of your interest we can accomplish so much more.  I want a sense of community and with that comes a sense of security.  By knowing your neighbors and watching out for others we can cut out crime.  With being an active community we can have events that are fun for our families and a chance for each of us to meet new neighbors and make new friends.

Let’s all plan to start the new year off with paying our association dues and taking care of our properties so we can all be proud of Cherry Creek on Brodie.

Thank You,

Carla Heinrich-Trautwein


Lost Cat Gracie

She has been missing since around 3PM Tuesday, April 30.  She is a brown and black tabby and is quite shy – she is unlikely to come to any strangers but will come to me or my housemate.  If anyone sees her, please have them call Leslie Lowdermilk at 360.601.7621.  A reward is being offered for anyone who has information leading to her rescue.

gracie 2

gracie 1

Spring time in Cherry Creek

Spring time is a great time in Cherry Creek. We have many upcoming events like the Easter Egg Hunt and the annual meeting. Check out the list below of upcoming events.


Mark your Calendars for the following events.

  • Easter Egg Hunt March 30th front park 9am
  • Annual meeting/Spring Fling (back park) Sat April 13th 11am incs lunch.
  • Annual Garage Sales April 20th?

Foundation Communities

On thursday Feburary 7th, the board and other property owners gathered to meet with a group from Foundation Communities.  Foundation Communities has started the process of developing a low income housing unit adjacent to the southern side of Cherry Creek (see attached Map below).  This was a great opportunity for property owners to ask questions of Foundation Communities and for Foundation Communities to hear our concerns.   At this moment Foundation communities is still in the planning and funding stage of the project.  They could break ground in the next 12-24 months.

We know not all of the neighbors were able to attend the meeting, so we wanted to inform everyone via the website.  If you have any questions please comment below and the board can try to answer those questions.

If you would like to learn more about Foundation Communities you are welcome to attend one of there open houses.  They have two upcoming open house lunch/tours at our communities.  March 5th we will be touring our new M Station Apartments which we built two years ago and are a good comparison for what we hope to build on Slaughter.  Details are here:  Everyone is welcome to attend.

Project Details

Rent: <$700


Foundations Communites

 About Foundation Communities

Foundation Communities flyer

Christmas Decorating Contest

2012 Winners

  • 1st – 9600 Kangaroo
  • 2nd – 3311 Silk Oak Drive
  • 3rd – 9316 Silk Oak Cove
  • Best Front Door – 3208 Grasshopper
  • Best Nativity – 3201 Grasshopper
  • Best Use of Color – 3202 Grasshopper
  • Children’s Favorite – 9332 Lightwood Loop (hands down)

Honorable Mention

  • 9319 Lightwood Loop (close second for best nativity)
  • 3309 Silkgrass Bend (best color)
  • 3306 Silkgrass Bend (best front door)
  • 3325 Silk Oak Drive
  • 3304 Silkgrass Bend
  • 9605 Tea Rose Trail
  • 9408 Tea Rose Trail
  • 3212 Silk Oak Trail
  • 9602 Tea Rose Trail
  • 9404 Lightwood Loop

National Night Out 2012

In an effort to get to know our neighbors and the community around us.  Cherry Creek on Brodie Neighborhood Association is sponsoring National Night Out this year in the back park.  Tuesday, October 2nd, between 5:30-7:30pm, come and mingle in the back park.  Bring the kids for hotdogs, and fun in the park.  The Neighborhood Association will be providing food and drink, and some music for atmosphere.   All you need to do is show up.

National Night Out 2012 details

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012
~In the back park~

This is your chance to break out of your normal routine and meet those neighbors you’ve been meaning to introduce yourself to.  Just bring a chair and a yummy dish or desert.  The better we know each other, the better we can look out for each other and discourage crime in our neighborhood.

The Newsletters are no longer available from Peel inc. due to lack of advertising support, so this website will be your neighborhood information site. Go to the site for President’s corner, events, neighborhood news, help articles, deed restrictions, by-laws, classified ads, business directory, yard of the month & landscaping, news that effects the neighborhood, and more.

Upcoming events

Halloween Decorating Contest!  Check back here on the website next week for more information about dates and procedures for voting.

What can we do to make this site better for you?