WOW!  What a great turnout on Saturday for our annual meeting.  Those of you who could make it, Thank You for taking a couple hours of your time to support your neighborhood.  It’s important and appreciated.

Also, Thank You to our guest speakers for taking time out of their busy schedules to inform us of what is going on around our community. Covington Middle School’s principal Ms. Shannon Sellstrom spoke on the present and future of Covington Middle School as it transitions to a Fine Arts Academy.  You can email Ms. Stellstrom at if you have any further questions for her.  Walter Moreau of Foundation Communities spoke on their plans to develop Harmon Properties.  If you would like further information about the development or the organization please email Walter at

We had 15 members pay their 2014 dues on Saturday.  The responsibility of keeping up our front entrance is ours and your dues help pay for that and other expenses that arise with anything to do with maintenance.  We now have 43 members for 2014 that is a very small part of the neighborhood pulling the weight for 248 homes.  Let’s get everyone involved in help beautifying our small community and keeping our home values up and having our neighborhood be a very desirable place to live!

Lastly I want to thank my fellow members who helped me get this meeting together and have helped me in the past.  I know we are all busy and you don’t how much your time means to me.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!