It is time to pay your HOA Yearly Dues!

We are excited to say that we can now pay on line with Paypal.  Or, you are still able to write a check to CCOBNA  and mail it to 9901 Brodie Lane, Suite 160, PMB 238, Austin, TX  78748.

It is important to join your HOA and support your neighborhood!  By you paying your dues you are being a part of keeping Cherry Creek a nice place to live.  Without your help we will not be able to maintain (mowing and edging) the front entrance.  The front entrance is your first impression for your home when friends and family come to visit.  Or coming home from a long day of work and seeing a well manicured landscape is a nice sight for tired eyes.  There are 248 homes in the neighborhood and on a given year we have roughly 50 members, which is a very sad number for the amount of homes we have.  Make a difference and join you HOA!

Your yearly dues keep the lights working, sprinkler system operating properly, the up keep of the marquee, and events for families to enjoy.  With your involvement in the community we would be able to do so much more and keeping the neighborhood a place we are proud to live.

Thank You,

Carla Heinrich-Trautwein

“Foundation Communities” our new neighbors to the south

The proposed site plan and building model to be built on the  Harmon Property south of Cherry Creek.  Construction is planned to start summer 2014.  Foundation Communities is a nonprofit organization that offers high-quality, affordable apartments and duplexes with community resources. Please check out their website to find out more about their organization.

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