SAVE THE DATE! Cherry Creek on Brodie Annual Meeting – March 29, 2014, 10:00 a.m. in Front Park

This is an important meeting to attend!  We will discuss all issues pertaining to our neighborhood.  Issues about maintaining the integrity of the neighborhood, development issues around the neighborhood, crime within or around, park concerns, and fun events for our families.  Meeting your neighbors is an excellent way to keep crime at bay and also give you a sense of community.  This is a great time to come voice your concerns, hear what is being done for your neighborhood, and join the Neighborhood Planning Committee in helping make a difference!

Hope you will join us for Donuts and Breakfast Tacos and hear about the comings and goings of Cherry Creek on Brodie on March 29th at 10:00 a.m.

Notice from Austin Police (Be Safe)

The Austin Police Department has received a number of reports from elderly Austin residents who have been approached at their homes by individuals offering to repair their rooftops and electrical wiring. These individuals are not legitimate roofers and electricians, and residents are encouraged to contact APD Detective Kevin Covington at (512) 974-9774 or if they are targeted by these scammers.

The City of Austin and Austin Energy are not participating in any electrical rewiring of homes. This work would be done by a certified electrician and City employees wear identifiable badges. Residents who have questions about their electricity can call the Utility Contact Center at (512) 494-4900.

Scam 1
The suspects claim they are working on a house nearby or driving by and see a squirrel go inside the home through a hole in the roof. They offer to repair the roof for a fee and ask the resident to pay half the cost up front. The scammers “work” for an hour or so and then leave with the money.

Scam 2
Police also believe the same suspects are going to homes and claiming they are City of Austin employees and that the homes may need electrical rewiring to prevent a fire hazard. The suspects appear official and have been granted access to at least four homes in south Austin. They walk around and “check” the electrical outlets inside the home, claim repairs must be made immediately, and then charge a fee of $3,000 to make the repairs. The scammers say they will deduct $500 from the total cost if they pay with cash.

Suspect Descriptions
• White male in his 30s
• White female in her 30s
• White male believed to be 12-15 years old
• Two Hispanic males in their 20s

The suspects are believed to be driving a green or white pick-up truck. If you have any information about these suspects, please call APD Detective Kevin Covington at (512) 974-9774.