Board Meeting Tonight! Thursday October 17, 7:00-8:00, @ 3303 Silkgrass Bend

If you have any questions or concerns about what is going on in the neighborhood come to the meeting tonight!


Meeting Agenda:
1. Treasurer’s Report
2.  Landscaping Report
     A.  Fall Plantings?
     B.  Fall Clean up?
3.  Neighborhood Watch
     A.  Talk about getting it in place
4.  Welcome Committee
     A.  New homeowners report
5.  Park Update / Status of flooded picnic area
6.  Discuss pros and cons for NNO party
7.  Halloween Decorations Contest
     A.  When to vote for best decorations
8.  Holiday Decorations Contest
     A.  Front Entrance Hoilday lights / who to hire
     B.  When to vote for best decorations
9.  Budget for next year
     A.  Events to Plan
          1.  Annual Meeting
     B.  Expenses planned for coming year
          1.  Flag subscriptions
          2.  Solar Lights for marquee
10.  Old Business
11.  New Business