Introducing President Carla Trautwein

Dear Neighbors:

My name is Carla Heinrich-Trautwein and I have stepped up to take the role of President of the Cherry Creek on Brodie Lane Neighborhood Association. I have been on the board for many years and have served the neighborhood in many different capacities.  I welcome any input from our residents on the direction you would like the Board to take in making this the neighborhood you want to live in.  The Board has been giving me excellent support and guidance.  We will be posting a schedule for regular meetings so interested residents can attend and give us input.  My hopes are to continue to get people in the neighborhood involved and help make Cherry Creek on Brodie a place we all want to live.

I would like to increase our membership.  By increasing our membership we will be able to maintain the appearance of our neighborhood and keep our property values up.  Our home values are important and if we all become members and take care of our properties we can have a very desirable neighborhood.  Also by getting involved and taking on a small task of your interest we can accomplish so much more.  I want a sense of community and with that comes a sense of security.  By knowing your neighbors and watching out for others we can cut out crime.  With being an active community we can have events that are fun for our families and a chance for each of us to meet new neighbors and make new friends.

Let’s all plan to start the new year off with paying our association dues and taking care of our properties so we can all be proud of Cherry Creek on Brodie.

Thank You,

Carla Heinrich-Trautwein