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On thursday Feburary 7th, the board and other property owners gathered to meet with a group from Foundation Communities.  Foundation Communities has started the process of developing a low income housing unit adjacent to the southern side of Cherry Creek (see attached Map below).  This was a great opportunity for property owners to ask questions of Foundation Communities and for Foundation Communities to hear our concerns.   At this moment Foundation communities is still in the planning and funding stage of the project.  They could break ground in the next 12-24 months.

We know not all of the neighbors were able to attend the meeting, so we wanted to inform everyone via the website.  If you have any questions please comment below and the board can try to answer those questions.

If you would like to learn more about Foundation Communities you are welcome to attend one of there open houses.  They have two upcoming open house lunch/tours at our communities.  March 5th we will be touring our new M Station Apartments which we built two years ago and are a good comparison for what we hope to build on Slaughter.  Details are here:  Everyone is welcome to attend.

Project Details

Rent: <$700


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