Road Construction on Deer Lane

This a response sent to a neighbor concerning Deer Lane between Brodie Lane and Coastal Drive from the Street & Bridge Division, Public Works Department.

Street & Bridge has now received approval for major repairs and resurfacing for the section of Deer Lane between Brodie Lane and Coastal Dr. We are evaluating the existing City wide re-paving program, and hope to have the Deer Lane project included in that schedule for completion by late August 2012. As you noted, the existing section of Deer Lane between Coastal Dr and Brodie Ln is in bad shape. This is due in part to deferred maintenance in anticipation of the future extension of Davis Lane that would divert traffic off Deer Lane. For the past three – four years, only minimum spot patching was done on Deer Lane. Unfortunately, the Davis Lane project has been delayed for an indeterminate time. As such, Deer Lane will now have to remain in service much longer than anticipated, and needs major work. After a review of project schedules and repair options, we have approval to proceed with major repairs on Deer Lane. Street & Bridge will be scheduling the repair work on the existing Deer Lane, and for questions about that work, please contact us here at Street & Bridge. The Davis Lane extension project is being managed by Mr. George Jackson, Project Manager at the CIP Project Management Office 974-7197. He remains the main contact for information about that work status and schedule. We appreciate your concern for roadway projects and maintenance in Austin.

Ron Koehn P.E. 974-8777
Paving Operations Engineer
Street & Bridge Division
Public Works Department