Neighborhood Watch seminar Tuesday August 7th.

Thank you to the three Cherry Creek on Brodie Lane residents who attended the Neighborhood Watch seminar Tuesday August 7th. We need more participation with the program if we want to keep our neighborhood safe. There was a very informative program and we got to meet the officer in charge of our area. The next program will be Tuesday September 4th. This will be a very informative presentation, so put it on your calendar. Check out the educational videos shown at the seminar.

Confessions of a Burglar (Protect Yourself)

We will be setting up additional meetings for our neighborhood informing residents on preventing problems in the future.

We would also like to thank the three residents who paid their dues after reading our note posted on each home. Next time you go to the front entrance, please notice how nice the landscaping is kept, and the new lighting that welcomes you into our neighborhood. Remember – it is the dues paying residents who provide this. Everyone in the subdivision should be paying your annual $60 dues so we can continue to pay for and add new amenities for your benefit. There are 247 homes in this neighborhood, and there are still 199 of you who have not paid annual dues. Just think what we could accomplish if EVERYONE paid what equivalents to $5 a month!

National Night out for Texas is Tuesday October 2 and we would like block hosts to step up for gatherings on their block (Street). Cherry Creek on Brodie Lane Home Owners Association will furnish food and drinks so neighbors can get to know each other.