National Night Out 2012

In an effort to get to know our neighbors and the community around us.  Cherry Creek on Brodie Neighborhood Association is sponsoring National Night Out this year in the back park.  Tuesday, October 2nd, between 5:30-7:30pm, come and mingle in the back park.  Bring the kids for hotdogs, and fun in the park.  The Neighborhood Association will be providing food and drink, and some music for atmosphere.   All you need to do is show up.

National Night Out 2012 details

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012
~In the back park~

This is your chance to break out of your normal routine and meet those neighbors you’ve been meaning to introduce yourself to.  Just bring a chair and a yummy dish or desert.  The better we know each other, the better we can look out for each other and discourage crime in our neighborhood.

The Newsletters are no longer available from Peel inc. due to lack of advertising support, so this website will be your neighborhood information site. Go to the site for President’s corner, events, neighborhood news, help articles, deed restrictions, by-laws, classified ads, business directory, yard of the month & landscaping, news that effects the neighborhood, and more.

Upcoming events

Halloween Decorating Contest!  Check back here on the website next week for more information about dates and procedures for voting.

What can we do to make this site better for you?

New Website

Welcome to the new and improved Cherry Creek on Brodie website. Since the peel newsletter is no longer being published for us, we thought it was time to take control of our community news. This is still very much a work in progress, but we have a lot of cool things planned. This is a 100% volunteer effort and anyone who has something to add is welcome. We also have decided that we should offer free advertising for those businesses owned by our neighbors. So if you would like some advertising let us know.

Road Construction on Deer Lane

This a response sent to a neighbor concerning Deer Lane between Brodie Lane and Coastal Drive from the Street & Bridge Division, Public Works Department.

Street & Bridge has now received approval for major repairs and resurfacing for the section of Deer Lane between Brodie Lane and Coastal Dr. We are evaluating the existing City wide re-paving program, and hope to have the Deer Lane project included in that schedule for completion by late August 2012. As you noted, the existing section of Deer Lane between Coastal Dr and Brodie Ln is in bad shape. This is due in part to deferred maintenance in anticipation of the future extension of Davis Lane that would divert traffic off Deer Lane. For the past three – four years, only minimum spot patching was done on Deer Lane. Unfortunately, the Davis Lane project has been delayed for an indeterminate time. As such, Deer Lane will now have to remain in service much longer than anticipated, and needs major work. After a review of project schedules and repair options, we have approval to proceed with major repairs on Deer Lane. Street & Bridge will be scheduling the repair work on the existing Deer Lane, and for questions about that work, please contact us here at Street & Bridge. The Davis Lane extension project is being managed by Mr. George Jackson, Project Manager at the CIP Project Management Office 974-7197. He remains the main contact for information about that work status and schedule. We appreciate your concern for roadway projects and maintenance in Austin.

Ron Koehn P.E. 974-8777
Paving Operations Engineer
Street & Bridge Division
Public Works Department

Crime Watch

  • 7/18/2012 – Assault on 33XX Silk Oak Dr
  • 7/30/2012 – Burglary on 31XX Silkgrass Bend
  • 7/30/2012 – Burglary on 93XX Tea Rose Trail
  • 7/30/2012 – Burglary on 32XX Grasshopper Drive
  • 7/31/2012 – Burglary on 33XX Silk Oak Drive

The Austin Police Dept sponsored a Neighborhood Watch program on Aug 7th which was helpful in getting the word out about how a criminal thinks. Always lock your car doors, don’t leave valuables in your car, keep garage doors closed day and night, keep your porch lights on at night, keep bushes low close to your house, close your blinds and/or curtains when you are not at home. These are a few things to keep in mind for your safety. We are planning a neighborhood watch program for Cherry Creek and need neighbors to volunteer to be a block captain for their street and get their neighbors involved to keep an eye out for any criminal activity. We need everyone’s eyes and ears to let the criminals know we are watching. There is a follow-up Neighborhood Watch meeting on September 2 to answer our questions on how to implement this program.

9508 Tea Rose

Congratulations to Michael and Mandy Henry of 9508 Tea Rose!! They have more than September Yard of the Month to celebrate. The Henry’s welcomed twins Simon and Zoe to the family on July 19th. Although the happy new parents enjoy working in the yard, Mandy admits that Longhorn Lawns has helped out this summer. After searching for the right company to replace the lawn (lost during last year’s drought) and maintain the sprinkler system, they remembered that Longhorn has been performing maintenance at the neighborhood’s entrance. Replacing the failing grass with Celebration Bermuda Grass has provided a soft, lush look to the yard. Celebration Bermuda Grass is a new variety that is wear-resistant, drought-tolerant, and is the most shade-tolerant of all Bermuda Grasses. These features make it a good choice for this yard which is graced by large oak, cedar, and magnolia trees.

However, the first thing I noticed was the inviting patio and fire pit near the house. This seems to be a new trend, in the neighborhood and beyond. The front patio provides a great place to enjoy the shade and interact with the neighbors. Good neighbors, lots of young children, park amenities and activities, as well as a quiet, nice place to walk Ripley (the family’s out-going corgi) is what will keep them here.

Although the Garden Gals are done for the season, we look forward to the great holiday displays and will be watching for you and your green thumbs next year!



Nominate the next Yard of the Month

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Neighborhood Watch seminar Tuesday August 7th.

Thank you to the three Cherry Creek on Brodie Lane residents who attended the Neighborhood Watch seminar Tuesday August 7th. We need more participation with the program if we want to keep our neighborhood safe. There was a very informative program and we got to meet the officer in charge of our area. The next program will be Tuesday September 4th. This will be a very informative presentation, so put it on your calendar. Check out the educational videos shown at the seminar.

Confessions of a Burglar (Protect Yourself)

We will be setting up additional meetings for our neighborhood informing residents on preventing problems in the future.

We would also like to thank the three residents who paid their dues after reading our note posted on each home. Next time you go to the front entrance, please notice how nice the landscaping is kept, and the new lighting that welcomes you into our neighborhood. Remember – it is the dues paying residents who provide this. Everyone in the subdivision should be paying your annual $60 dues so we can continue to pay for and add new amenities for your benefit. There are 247 homes in this neighborhood, and there are still 199 of you who have not paid annual dues. Just think what we could accomplish if EVERYONE paid what equivalents to $5 a month!

National Night out for Texas is Tuesday October 2 and we would like block hosts to step up for gatherings on their block (Street). Cherry Creek on Brodie Lane Home Owners Association will furnish food and drinks so neighbors can get to know each other.

September 13th 2012 NA meeting minutes

Cherry Creek on Brodie Lane
Neighborhood Association
Meeting Minutes
September 13, 2012

Location: Carla’s House

Next Meeting October 11th (2nd Thursday)
Location to be announced at later date.

Treasurer’s Report: Ed please confirm this amount.
Paid for Landscaping…$129…., Received 3 checks for membership due’s
Otherwise no change

Convert from Printed Newsletter to Website News
Peel discontinued Newsletter as of September 2012 due to lack of advertizing.
(1) has agreed to setup a website that will allow the neighborhood to get all the latest news.
(2)He also will give a class to show each of us how to add to the website news through blogs
Carmen will put all old articles by Month and Year on a Flash drive and deliver to Ed
Each Board Member will:

  1. Log on to
  2. Pick Template of choice (probably from the non-profit list)
    1. Each template will run $35-$40 which will be paid for from association dues
    2. Contains a basic layout which Ed can use to create our website in a few hours time
    3. Colors can be changed to fit our needs so don’t worry about color
  3. Once created Website can be setup on for free

Erica Suggested that Paid Association Members be allowed free advertizing (one month per year)
Ed Said can have website auto email blogs in the newsletter using mailchimp
Board suggested we pull the latest water restrictions for the website
Domain name will be:

Arch committee
Ed wanted to know who is on this committee as he wants to add solar shingles when he reroofs his home.  Both Carla and Charlotte are planning solar panels.
Board determined there is no longer an appointed committee but there would be no objection to this type of upgrade as long as the panels/shingles do not go above the highest point of the roof.

Neighborhood night out
Time: 530pm-730pm
Location: Back Park
Sam/Ed: will setup sign set for the front entrance announcing the party
Will use Sam’s truck to bring Ed’s Grill
Ed: Beer
Erica: Wine
Carmen: Hot Dogs & Buns
Val: Chips/Ketchup/Mustard/Mayonnaise

Erica: South
Carla/Charlotte: Central
Val: Central
Discuss what can go into the greeter baskets/bags
Val will give chamber of commerce a call and see if she can get some coupons
Val also thinks she can get some reusable grocery bags from her husband’s company.