9606 Kangaroo Lane

Our May 2012 Yard-of-the-Month winners are Mary and Mike Seberger of 9606 Kangaroo Lane. Sitting on their front porch is like stepping back in time. Their yard abuts undeveloped land south of the neighborhood and provides a touch of frontier living. A resident turkey is a frequent and bold visitor. Road runners, hawks, and cardinals are accompanied by larger mammals such as rabbits, raccoons, opossums, and fox. One of the more unexpected sights off their front porch was a couple of horses being chased down by a couple of errant cowboys. The horses still visit across the fence, but haven’t been seen in the yard since the last round up.
Mary used to have a vegetable garden along the fence, but the various critters pushed them out. That garden is now a flower plot replete with colorful poppies, blue bonnets, cosmos, irises, and lantana. The vegetables have now moved to the flower garden in the front of the house. Mingled in the colorful blooms you will find “hidden” pockets of acorn squash and tomatoes. What drew us to the yard initially was the early Spring blooms of bountiful blue bonnets accompanied by bold irises and amaryllis. A second look indicated that the color was going to go on all season long. Clusters of bold black-foot daisy, orange and gold cosmos, blue plumbago, red Mexican poinsettias, and native lantana will continue the riot of color all summer long.
Although mature trees shade the back yard there were no trees in the front yard, so about six years ago they adopted a 2-foot tall bur oak sapling donated by the City of Austin and it is now a beautiful, full 15-foot tall tree. While interviewing Mary and Mike, I enjoyed one of their favorite aspects of their yard…a peaceful sunset with abundant wildlife flitting about.
Mike and Mary purchased their home in 2001 and have put a lot of time and love into their gardens. This is their second YOM honor, though the first time they were October YOM due to the bountiful fall colors and late season blooms. Thanks to all the happy gardeners who bring color and wildlife to our suburban landscape.