32 dozen eggs

Dear Neighbors

We had a great time at the Easter Egg Hunt and want to say thank you to everyone who helped. The children were all so adorable and they loved hunting for eggs and hugging our wonderful Easter Bunny, Romie, who made her 2nd appearance at this annual event. Luckily for us all, the weather cooperated and it did not rain on us ! It was cool, breezy and sunny. We had a bumper crop of little ones this year and were so happy to see all the new neighbors who attended for the first time.

Special thanks to the folks who stuffed and hid the 32 dozen eggs, including Carla Trautwein, Carmen Martin, Bonny Edwards and Erica Taylor. It was a great idea to include little toys and stickers so the children got to find more than candy! Be sure to check the newsletter website at Peel, Inc. to see the wonderful color photos commemorating the fun !

Another event we look forward to each year (which also can assist us all with our spring cleaning) is the Neighborhood Yard Sale. This is scheduled for Saturday, May 5th. Hope as many of you as possible will be able to participate. We will put out signs a few days before to help draw in some shoppers !

We want to also thank the members of the Landscaping Committee whose Work Day has made such a beautiful and instantly recognizable difference at the entrance to our subdivision. The knock-out roses are blooming in all their glory and the additions of new flowers and shrubs over the years has made a huge difference in the overall curb appeal of Cherry Creek on Brodie. For those of you who expressed interest in this committee via the forms you returned with your dues checks, we will be in contact with you this month to find out how you wish to participate and get you in the loop. The more the merrier !

Thank you again to all the neighbors who have paid their dues this year and hope to see more folks get involved with the Board and Committees. The greater number of participants, the more projects we can bring to completion. The next meeting of the Board will be on Thursday, May 3rd. As always, any suggestions or visitors are welcome. Just drop us an email or catch us when we’re out walking our dogs or changing the marquee! We will be installing some new Board Members at that time.

Sincerely, Barbara Statum