32 member families

Dear Neighbors:

Our thanks to the neighbors who attended the Annual Meeting on March 3rd. Several long time neighbors came for the first time and we were thrilled to have them. Also at the meeting, a brand new association member, Julie Gaitan, volunteered to become our new newsletter editor. This was perfect timing because Carmen Martin, who has been our editor since she moved to the neighborhood, recently volunteered to become the Secretary for the Board of Directors. Thanks to both of you ladies for stepping up to help us out.

We are now up to 32 member families ! Our thanks to those of you who have joined us already in 2012 and we also wish to encourage everyone else to join. Without our dues income, we would not be able to maintain the landscaping at our entrance or have any social or special events such as the Easter Egg Hunt coming up on April 3rd. See the notice elsewhere in the newsletter for more info on this very popular event. Anyone who wishes to volunteer to help stuff or hide eggs, please send an email to board@cherrycreekonbrodie.org or post it on our Facebook page.

Please also look for another article in this issue of the newsletter concerning the parking of boats, trailers and RV’s in driveways and on the streets in the neighborhood. Many folks completed their “Suggestions for Issues to be addressed by CCoBL, NA” with comments about the ever increasing number of boats and trailers left in front of homes or in driveways.

Hope to see you and your children at the Easter Egg Hunt.

Barbara Statum for the Board