32 member families

Dear Neighbors:

Our thanks to the neighbors who attended the Annual Meeting on March 3rd. Several long time neighbors came for the first time and we were thrilled to have them. Also at the meeting, a brand new association member, Julie Gaitan, volunteered to become our new newsletter editor. This was perfect timing because Carmen Martin, who has been our editor since she moved to the neighborhood, recently volunteered to become the Secretary for the Board of Directors. Thanks to both of you ladies for stepping up to help us out.

We are now up to 32 member families ! Our thanks to those of you who have joined us already in 2012 and we also wish to encourage everyone else to join. Without our dues income, we would not be able to maintain the landscaping at our entrance or have any social or special events such as the Easter Egg Hunt coming up on April 3rd. See the notice elsewhere in the newsletter for more info on this very popular event. Anyone who wishes to volunteer to help stuff or hide eggs, please send an email to board@cherrycreekonbrodie.org or post it on our Facebook page.

Please also look for another article in this issue of the newsletter concerning the parking of boats, trailers and RV’s in driveways and on the streets in the neighborhood. Many folks completed their “Suggestions for Issues to be addressed by CCoBL, NA” with comments about the ever increasing number of boats and trailers left in front of homes or in driveways.

Hope to see you and your children at the Easter Egg Hunt.

Barbara Statum for the Board 

Front entrance maintenance

The appearance of our front entrance says a lot about our neighborhood. Over the years we have managed to keep the grass mowed, bushes trimmed, and the weeds down. Several times a year we mulch, plant flowers, and maintain the sprinkler system. We have even been able to put up some lights for the holidays. We would like to do more, such as repairing the front entrance lights, but we have been limited by the budget provided by yearly dues. Volunteers giving their time and energy and Annual dues of ONLY $60/year make improvements possible.

However being able to continue to maintain the entrance will be impossible without more homeowner participation. Participation can take on many forms. We are all busy with our daily lives and obligations, but even if you don’t have time to volunteer, please pay your annual dues. We have been getting approximately 25 % of our homeowners paying dues every year. Most are your same neighbors that volunteer their time as well. Moreover that 25% is taking care of YOUR entrance, and helping to maintain YOUR property values. We need YOU to be a member of the neighborhood association and do your part. Without you we cannot maintain our neighborhood entrance. For those of you who enjoy neighborhood events such as Easter egg hunts and 4th of July celebrations, we need your help to continue to provide these!

9429 Lightwood Loop

Spring has definitely sprung here in Cherry Creek on Brodie Lane! In fact, we should change the name of our neighborhood to Cherry BLOSSOM Creek because of all the lovely, colorful blooming trees, shrubs and plants in the yards of our neighbors. Spring seemed to have taken a flying leap right into the yard of our first Yard of the Month winner for 2012! Congratulations to Mike and Lynn Kelley of 9429 Lightwood Loop for winning our April 2012 Yard of the Month Award! Their yard is beautifully maintained, and splashes of blossoming spring color abound in a rainbow of hues. Mike and Lynn moved into their house in 1996 and are the original owners. Mike is the one with the green thumb and can usually be found working in the yard. Although they were worried about the grass not coming back this year after last year’s drought, the mild winter and abundance of rain have created a lush green yard.

The house has a very inviting front entrance that is flanked by pretty, well-maintained shrubs with a large sago palm as the focal point. They planted the sago palm years ago and have enjoyed watched it grow from a very small plant. It is one of Lynn’s favorite things about the yard. Her other favorite is the Chinaberry tree in the side yard. It was a mature tree when they moved in, and provided the only shade in the yard. The builder shaped the driveway around the tree, and they are very thankful that it was saved. The tree produces berries that draw in all kinds of wildlife, though they are tough on the cars & driveway. The other large tree in the front yard is a beautiful red oak that was planted about 13 years ago and is just now leafing out. The tree was planted to provide shade in the summer to the front of the house which faces

south. It has been very beneficial and keeps the house much cooler. In addition to the well-kept appearance of the yard and house, the landscaping element that drew us to this yard was the colorful, bountiful, spring blooms. Mike is a big fan of Scott’s Planting Soil with Plant Food Mix. Mike an Lynn don’t use fertilizers and pesticides on their lawn because their pets spend so much time in the yard. Therefore, their lawn could be considered more of a “green” yard. This time of year, when most folks are just starting to garden, the Kelley’s flowers were flourishing. Large, robust crimson and salmon-colored snapdragons seem to burst from the earth and surround a well-pruned crape myrtle. Another brilliant spring floral display is in the whiskey barrel planted with periwinkles, begonias, pansies, and marigolds which is surrounded by another band of deep violet-colored flowers. Their trick is to exchange annuals periodically to take advantage of each seasons’ conditions. For example pansies add great color in the winter and thrive in the colder wetter conditions, but will burn up in summer and are replaced by heat tolerant species.

As April 2012 Yard of the Month winners, Lynn and Mike are recipients of a special perk (or maybe we should call it a “perc”) to winning the YOM award, a $20.00 gift card, generously donated by Steve Baer of the Texenza Coffee shop nearby. A special thanks goes to Texenza, a locally owned cafe near the Randalls that is only a 6 minute walk on the trail at the end of Tea Rose Trail– check it out!